Child's world map bedroom wallpaper now supplies children's world map wallpaper! A world map on the wall looks great, but it's even nicer to cover your whole wall in world map wallpaper. Our range includes various world maps designed especially for children, which can also be printed on wallpaper. Choose from two different kinds of wallpaper: vinyl or Airtex. Don't delay, order your unique world map wallpaper for your child's room today!

World map wallpaper for the children’s bedrooms!

Child's world map bedroom wallpaper options

If you’re looking for an original and fun way to decorate the walls of your child's room, we have plenty of options. One option is of course to hang up a lot of different decorations, but a photo-print wallpaper is a great alternative. Our range contains a selection of child's world map bedroom wallpaper.

Our world maps for children not only look fantastic, they're also really educational. They show the world's continents, countries and oceans, and some also feature animals, people or vehicles. Your son or daughter will always find something new to explore in these maps.

We supply two different kinds of child's world map bedroom wallpaper. The first option is vinyl wallpaper, where the world map is printed on multiple strips of vinyl wallpaper. The second option is to have the child’s world map printed on a single piece of wallpaper: Airtex. This makes hanging the wallpaper really simple, since you don't have to deal with multiple strips.

How do I order child's world map bedroom wallpaper?

Ordering child's world map bedroom wallpaper is child's play! First select your favourite world map. Then indicate the type of wallpaper you want in step 1; vinyl or Airtex. Then go to step 2, and choose the size of the print. The wallpaper is only available in fixed sizes, but are designed to match all kinds of walls. Finally, in step 3, decide if you want to use our wallpapering service. Unfortunately, this option is available for customers in the Netherlands only.

Don't delay, and order your child's world map bedroom wallpaper today!