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World map steel

World map steel


A steel world map is the current must-have interior design item. If you want to hang something totally different to normal world maps on your wall, this steel world map is a great alternative. The remarkably unique look and feel of a steel world map makes it a real eye-catcher on your wall. Don't miss out on this trend!

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What's a steel world map?

As the name suggests, it's a world map made of steel. Steel is perhaps not the first material that comes to mind when you think of printing a world map, and you’d be right, because in fact steel world maps are not printed. With all our other materials, you can pick a design, which we then print on your chosen material. Steep world maps, however, are cut out of a single sheet of steel. This results in separate continents that you can later hang on your wall in the right composition. Because the different components are ‘fixed’, as with a wooden or canvas map, your map appears to float on the wall. The effect is incredible!

Steel world map for your wall

We provide clear instructions on how and where to mount the different continents on the wall, so they are positioned correctly and properly spaced. The steel world map is easy to mount on the wall with the optional hanging system. Within minutes, you'll be admiring your fabulous new wall decoration. The steel used to create this world map gives a cool, industrial vibe, and looks at home in all modern interiors. What we really like about this steel map is that it's magnetic, too. It means you can stick little magnets to the map to show which countries you've visited, and which countries still await you. You can even plot a future road trip! What's more, you can use the magnets to add your favourite travel photos from previous trips to the world map. Another fun idea is to collect a unique magnet from every holiday destination you visit, and add it to the map when you get back home. These act as beautiful souvenirs of your holiday memories, and personalise your world map!

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