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Scratch Card

Scratch card

Scratch open the countries you've visited! This scratch card has a special feature! You can easily show which countries you've been to by scratching them open like you would a scratch card. Scratch world maps are all the rage at the moment; a must-have item for the interior of any globetrotter! These world maps are initially gold in colour, but become more colourful as you scratch open more countries!

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Map to scratch off

Hip and trendy world maps: a cool way to decorate your wall. This year, we're seeing world maps feature again and again in all kinds of stylish interiors. Since maps come in a huge variety of different styles and materials, there's a map to suit every kind of interior. We supply a range of historical world maps, detailed world maps, trendy world maps, and children’s world maps. In addition to these options, it's now possible to order a 'scratch world map'. This beautiful world map shows all the countries of the world. When you return from some tropical destination, you can then scratch the country in question off the map, In this way, you can easily show and remember all the countries you visit. Very clear and interactive! This map also serves as a handy overview of the countries you've yet to visit. Use your scratch world map to help you plan your next trip. With this world map in your room, you can enjoy it every day, and slowly watch more and more of the countries being scratched off as you visit them.

Every time you see your map and the countries that have been revealed by scratching, it's an opportunity to stop and reminisce about the wonderful journeys you've made. When people come around to visit, you can use the map to illustrate your travel stories, making it a source of inspiration for lots of conversation. If you’re not much of a world traveller yourself, but know someone who is, this is the perfect present for them. The lucky recipient will be able to scratch off all his or her travels on the map.

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At, we only use the best materials, so every scratch world map ordered from us is of excellent quality. What's more, we supply a wide range of sizes and materials. Order your scratch world map today from!

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