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On this happy world map, people are waving at you! In a playful way, your children will learn about the traditional clothes worn all over the world.
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Product Description

On this page you will find a brief description and photos for each type of material, so you can get a good impression of what your world map will look like:


World Map on Canvas

With this option, we will print your world map on a canvas. The printed canvas is stretched on a wooden frame. So to speak, a photo painting is created. Through the frame, the canvas has 2 cm thick side edges. In order to make your canvas even more beautiful, we also offer beautiful frames in the colors natural, white, and black. Take a look at "Frames and Accessories" on the right side of this page!

World map on canvas 
 World Map on canvas detailed view

World Map on Wood - Planks

If you choose this option, your photo will be printed on several wood planks. The planks will be attached on the backside by two crossbars. The interspaces formed between the planks are kept as narrow as possible so that your wooden world map will not lose its charm.

World Map on wood
World Map on wood detail

World Map on Wood - Plate

If you choose a photo on a wooden plate, you will receive your wooden world map printed on a multiplex board. In contrast to the photo on several wooden planks, there will be no intermediate space. Through the print, one can discreetly recognize the wood grain, which gives the world map a very special character.

World Map on wood plate
World Map on wood plate detail


World Map on Aluminium

A photo on aluminum is one of the most elegant, but also the most modern ways to print your world map. We use white Dibond, which makes the colors of your world map particularly radiant and glowing.

worldmap on aluminium for kids
worldmap on aluminium for kids in detail

World Map on Glass

Anyone, who holds a glass print in his hands for the first time, is immediately enthusiastic, as it has a special depth effect. Just like a photo on aluminum, the appearance of a photo on glass is very elegant and modern. You can also order spacers to give your world map on glass the perfect hold on the wall.

World Map on glas
World Map on glas detail

World Map Poster

You would like to have a big picture of a world map, but stick to your budget at the same time? Then a world map poster is an ideal choice for you. This option prints your world map on professional silk glossy paper. Thanks to its outstanding quality you can enjoy your world map poster for years!

Worldmap printed on poster
Worldmap printed on poster in detail

Lists and accessories

Frames & hanging systems


You can order your world map with or without a frame(Note: Only available for canvas) and with or without a hanging system system (available for almost all products). It is advisable to order a frame or hanging system to give your map a better appearance. On this page we will explain to you what what a frame or hanging system is and what they look like with the help of pictures. 


A frame can be ordered with world maps on canvas only. On the accompanying photo you will see the available coloures. The frame can be ordered in any size in natural, white or black.frames for world map on canvas    


Hanging system plexiglas:

On the picture below you will see the hanging system for plexiglas. The spacers are attached to the side of the glass plate, so that no holes need to be drilled into your world map.hanging system plexiglas


Hanging system aluminium:

The aluminum hanging system is fitted with a tape clip, a screw and a plug. The system is easy to put up by yourself and it's easy to hang the world map on the wall.hanging system aluminium