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These general terms and conditions apply to all orders made by the online shop
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Section 1


* Customer: A natural person, 18 years or older, or a legal person with whom has concluded an agreement for the delivery of its product, or to whom has made an offer to deliver such a product.

* Product:

1) Following a customer-made individual, personal and specified order, by produced reproduction of an image from image archive:

-  Textile fabric, tensioned on a wooden frame without floater frame; and / or

-  on any other material offered by

* Image archive: All images may or may not be displayed on the website, for which has exclusive rights.

* Part of and falling under B.V., located in Kollum, the Netherlands, the user of these terms and conditions registered in the Dutch Chamber of Commerce commercial register under number 55410065.

* Terms: the presented terms and conditions.

* Website: The website of, namely


Section 2

Applicability of these terms and conditions


These terms and conditions apply to all agreements concluded between and a customer, as well as any offers made by to a customer to enter into such an agreement.

2.2. explicitly dismisses any reference to other general (purchasing) terms and conditions than the present.


Section 3

The agreement


The agreement comes into effect after the customer has completed the online order on the website and has sent an order form for this purpose, and has accepted this order. The presentation of the products in the online shop is not a legally binding offer, but a non-binding online catalog. By clicking the button "Purchase order", the cutsomers places a binding order of the goods contained in the shopping basket. By placing an order, a payment obligation comes in. 


Final acceptance of the order can only take place after has been able to assess the (nature and condition of the) reproduction (customer) image in connection with the customer-made order. aims to inform the customer within eight days, from the date of receipt of the order, by electronic means accepting the order or notifying that the order is not accepted. Failure to respond to an order within the said term does not lead to tacit acceptance of the order. If the order confirmation contains typing or printing errors, or if the price fixing is based on technically caused transmission errors, is entitled to challenge the confirmation, whereby must prove its error. Payments already made will be refunded immediately.


If does not accept the order, will remove any customer image delivered electronically by the customer. Any information carriers and / or physical documents, including photos, will be deleted by unless the customer wishes to receive these goods. Return shipping takes place only at the customer's expense. Shipping costs are to be paid by the customer at's request.


The rights under an agreement are not transferable to third parties by the customer.


Changes to an already agreed agreement or order can only be agreed in writing by electronic means or by both parties. The customer can not change an order unilaterally..


If the customer cancels an order after conclusion of the agreement, he is obliged to meet his obligation, with the exception of the case mentioned in article 8 of these terms and conditions.

3.7. stands for the statement that the product complies with the agreement and the existing legal provisions and / or government regulations at the date of the conclusion of the agreement. strives for the best quality in terms of its products but cannot guarantee that a product at all times meets the customer's expectations regarding the quality or other characteristics of the product.


Section 4



The prices used by are listed on the website and are VAT-included. The order by the customer is deemed to be in accordance with the customer's agreement with the price applicable at the time of shipment of the order for the product. If the customer requests a special effect and / or a different processing operation, this results in an additional cost. This will be mentioned by in the order confirmation. In such a case, the agreement will only be reached after the customer has accepted the total price stated in the order confirmation in writing or electronically.


In case prices are changed by, acceptance of an order will be deemed to be based on the new price. The customer must confirm to within five days of receipt of the acceptance sent by whether he wishes to maintain the order based on the changed price. Without this confirmation, no agreement will be reached between and the customer.


In case of intra-community delivery to a company liable to VAT in the European Union which charges without VAT, will mention the customer's VAT number on the invoice. If the VAT number of is not known and is not disclosed at's request, has to calculate VAT.

The customer indemnifies for any potential damage and / or other disadvantage suffered by if it appears that the customer is not registered as VAT-liable in the country of establishment, or if for other reasons unknown to if has been invoiced incorrectly at the customer's request without VAT.


Discounts are never valid in combination. In case of combined discount, only the highest discount rate applies.


Section 5



The payment is made either by bank transfer (indirect payment) or Paypal, Giropay, or Credit Card. In the case of direct payment, the customer's account will be charged with the completion of the order and the goods can be produced immediately. In case of indirect payment the production will be done after the payment has been received on's account. For more information, see Payment Options. 


If the customer chooses the payment option bank transfer,'s bank details will be mentioned in the order confirmation. This can also be found on the homepage under Contact.


The outstanding amounts must be settled by the customer within 30 days. If this is not the case, the order will be deleted from's system. 


Payment methods vary depending on the country in which the order is bein placed. If the customer specifies a residential address outside of the UK, the payment options could change accordingly.


Section 6



The place of delivery is the delivery address that the customer states to while completing the order..


The customer warrants that the address given is correct and this address is available for a normal delivery by post along well-paved road.


If products are not available, this wil be displayed on the product page. An order for the product is not possible until can supply this product again. If an ordered product is not available because has not been supplied by its suppliers without own fault, can withdraw from the contract. In this case, Worldmap.cuk will inform the cutsomer without delay and suggest the delivery of a comparable product. If no comparable product is available or if the customers does not wish to receive a comparable product, will reimburse the customer for any amount already paid within 30 days.


The delivery is carried out by a delivery service which can be freely determined by


Section 7

Delivery time


The usual delivery time of a product is as stated on the website. This is due from the date of receipt of the order, or from the day of receipt by of the customer's payment of the agreed price including VAT and additional costs. The delivery date is the last of the two aforementioned times.


If the payment has been agreed on explicitly, the delivery time begins to run on the day after the confirmation of acceptance of the order by begins.


The delivery time specified in paragraph 1 is not a hard deadline delivery time. If does not deliver within this delivery time, is only in default after the customer has contacted in writing or by electronic means and a final date of compliance of at least fourteen days has been set, at which compliance by remained unsatisfied in this period.


Section 8

Default / liability


If any shortcoming in compliance with occurs - other than a shortcoming regarding the delivery time -, is only in default after the customer has contacted in writing or by electronic failed to comply with a final date for compliance with at least fourteen days and compliance with has remained within this period.

Such a shortcoming does not mean the poor quality of a product as a result of the poor quality of customer image provided by the customer or as a result of the customer's specifications.

If is in default of compliance with the agreement, the customer has the right to dissolve the agreement. In case of cancellation, will immediately refund the customer's prepaid price.

In all other cases may decide to provide some kind of courtesy or voucher to the customer, but is not obligatory. is entitled to attach additional terms to the voucher.

In all cases, the customer must return the product already delivered to the customer at his own expense and risk to


In the event that has failed to comply with the agreement and the customer does not dissolve the agreement on this basis but requires compliance, has the right to replace any defective product that is already delivered or the customer with a voucher to provide the value of the product already delivered or to opt for a refund of the purchase price. In the latter case, the agreement is deemed to have been terminated. In all cases, the customer must return the product already delivered to the customer at his own expense and risk to


Both in case of a claim for compliance and in case of termination of the agreement (or in the event of's choice of refund of the purchase price in accordance with paragraph 1) is solely responsible for the customer's Failure to comply with the agreement suffered damage if the cause of the failure of is to be returned on purpose or grossly indebted by The liability of is also limited to the highest net invoice amount (invoice amount excl. VAT) per order. In the event of an order consisting of several separate parts,'s liability is limited to that part of the net invoice amount associated with the part of the order in respect of which has been deficient.


The customer must check the delivered product immediately after delivery for defects. The customer should inform abouy any defects as soon as possible, but not later than three working days after delivery, in writing or by electronic means. At the end of this period, the delivery will be deemed to correspond to the agreement concluded between and the customer.


In case of choosing the option of Klarna, the invoice is deemed to be correct and due by the customers unless the customers informs abouy any complaint within three business days of receipt of the invoice.


Section 9

Industrial or intellectual (proprietary) rights


The industrial or intellectual (proprietary) rights of the products or images from the image archive reside with or its licensors.

The customer assumes that the customer image, the use of the customer image by to process the order or the use of the product with the customer image by the customer - does not infringe the intellectual property rights (including authors and portrait right) of third parties.


In the case of customer images, accepts no liability for infringement of any third party's intellectual property right, upon acceptance of a contract. In case is being invoked by third parties for infringement of any intellectual property right, the customer indemnifies for any damage suffered by as a result.


Section 10

Applicable law


On all of our offers and agreements concluded with the customer, Dutch law applies. The validity of the Vienna Covenant of 19 June 1980 (CISG) is expressly excluded..


Disputes arising from agreements concluded with the customer as well as dispute concerning the explanation of these terms and conditions will be brought by both parties, with the exclusion of the jurisdiction of any other competent court or tribunal, to the competent court in Leeuwarden.


A dispute is only dealt with if the customers has first presented the complaint to the entrepreneur within the business hours.


Parties should first appeal to a judge after they have tried in vain to arbitrate the dispute with mutual consent.


No later than three months after the occurrence of the dispute, the latter shall be submitted to the court in writing.


Section 11

11.1 By accessing our website at in any way and by any means, the cutsomers agrees to the application of the Privacy Policy.