How to place an order

Step 1: Choose a category. Choose one of our four categories.


Step 2Select the world map design you want on your wall or to give as a present. To order more than one map, simply repeat the steps described here.


Step 3Select a material on which to have your world map printed.


We can print on various materials,so you can order on canvas, wood (various types), aluminium, Plexiglas or poster paper.

Note: wood is a natural product, and can expand or contract depending on the humidity and temperature, so the gaps between the planks can vary.


Step 4: Choose a size: we supply 11 different sizes. 


Stap 5: Select any extras you want: depending on the material, there is a choice of extras, such as hanging systems, frames or map pins.


Step 6: Fill in your details, and confirm your order: Lastly, fill in your details. Creating an account is optional at this stage. Choose a payment method, and confirm your order.

We'll deliver your order within 6 working days.

If you experience any difficulties when ordering, please contact us.

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