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Our world map oceans has been designed with bright blue colours. The map allows you to show which countries you have visited and which oceans you flew over.

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Product Description

World Map Wallpaper


A big world map wallpaper covering the entire wall of your bedroom, office or business space? For covering large surfaces, Airtex wallpaper is ideal. Your world map is made out of one piece of wallpaper! Airtex does not rip, does not crease and it is easy to clean. In addition, this wallpaper is easy to remove and reusable! This wallpaper is simple and seamless.


The biggest difference bewteen Airtex and Vinyl is that Vinyl Wallpaper is applied to your wall in seperate pieces. Therefore Vinyl world map wallpaper is ideal for smaller surfaces! This wallpaper is easy to remove with a mild detergent and damp cloth. It is ideal for covering your living room, kitchen or cafeteria.

Lists and accessories

Frames & hanging systems


You can order your world map with or without a frame(Note: Only available for canvas) and with or without a hanging system system (available for almost all products). It is advisable to order a frame or hanging system to give your map a better appearance. On this page we will explain to you what what a frame or hanging system is and what they look like with the help of pictures. 


A frame can be ordered with world maps on canvas only. On the accompanying photo you will see the available coloures. The frame can be ordered in any size in natural, white or black.frames for world map on canvas    


Hanging system plexiglas:

On the picture below you will see the hanging system for plexiglas. The spacers are attached to the side of the glass plate, so that no holes need to be drilled into your world map.hanging system plexiglas


Hanging system aluminium:

The aluminum hanging system is fitted with a tape clip, a screw and a plug. The system is easy to put up by yourself and it's easy to hang the world map on the wall.hanging system aluminium