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A gift voucher from is the perfect gift for any world traveller! Our gift vouchers can be ordered and received online, and are available in the following values: £20, £50 and £100. Order a gift voucher from, and receive it in your inbox within minutes.

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If you can't decide which map to buy for your friend or loved one, a gift voucher is the perfect solution! Need a gift for an avid traveller, but not sure what to get them? A gift voucher allows the recipient to decide, and they will always get what they want! We have various gift vouchers available: £20, £50 and £100. Completed your order? Your voucher will arrive in your inbox within the next few minutes.

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A gift voucher from is the gift of 2019. It's always tricky to choose a gift for someone else, but there are enough world map designs and materials in our range to please any enthusiastic traveller. A gift voucher is the ideal present for a world traveller. With a map of the whole world on their wall, they’ll be able to fondly recall all the trips they've made, and plan their next adventure. Our range contains various detailed world maps with accurate geography. If design is more important to you than accuracy, one of our trendy world maps is another fun option. These maps stand out thanks to their unique, special designs. Our range also includes fantastic maps designed specifically for children, featuring animals and/or people. For history fans, we supply historical maps, with a beautiful, vintage look to them. These maps can be printed on one of our many materials. You can have your world map printed on canvas, poster paper, Plexiglas, aluminium or wood. With all these options, it can be difficult to make a choice for someone else. That's where our gift vouchers come in handy! They come in different values, which means there's a gift voucher for every budget.

Ordering a gift voucher

Ordering a gift voucher is simple. First select the value of the gift voucher; £20, £50 and £100. Then fill in the name of the gift giver and the name of the lucky recipient. Next, simply fill in your email address and, if you wish, a text for the gift card. Once your order is complete, you will receive the voucher in your inbox within a matter of minutes. The voucher is valid for one year, and cannot be used in combination with promotional discounts. gift vouchers can be used to buy items from our whole range, and the voucher can be topped up with cash if an order exceeds the value of the voucher.

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