World map gadgets

Check out our new world map gadgets! In this unique collection, you will find unique travel gadgets such as umbrellas, tea towls, notepads and even puzzles. All these gadgets are (of course!) imprinted with beautiful world maps. There's a design to suit everyone's taste, so check out all the options below.

Our world map gadgets:

Worldmap Gadgets and Accessories

With our world map gadgets you can carry the whole world with you. Our latest products are small, fit into any handbag and are useful items that can rarely be found with the imprint of a world map. Tell us: Where can you find playing cards or tea towls with world map prints? Our gadgets are unique and also a great gift idea. Among others you can find the following exciting products:

  • Tea towl with world map imprint;
  • Wallet;
  • Umbrella;
  • Set of 36 coloured pencils;
  • Lunchbox;
  • Notebook.

Of course, there are  many more products for you to discover on this site. All these products are imprinted with world maps, which makes them unmistakable and a total Must-Have for you!

Benefits of shpping at

Most people might go on holiday at least once a year and see beautiful parts of the world. These adventurous tourists never forget about there countless attractions they have seen and want to carry their memories close. We print the map of the world on various useful items that you will always need in everyday life. You can dry the dishes with a world map tea towl or keep yourself dry with a world map umbrella! At we also have the following benefits for you:

  1. Excellent Quality;
  2. A secure online shopping system;
  3. Our professional customer service.

Find your favorite product in our assortment and order your world map gadget right now!