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Old world map

An old world map (vintage world map) as wall decoration is totally in at the moment. Give your interior some vintage character with this fabulous aged-looking decoration. This year, historical world maps are appearing in all kinds of interiors. Since this decoration is available in various designs and sizes, there's a suitable one for every home.

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Our old world maps:

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Vintage world maps as wall decor

Our vintage world maps look like the old charts that used to adorn classroom walls, and were used to teach topography. These days, they are highly sought-after as decorative pieces. The old charts can be printed on various materials, such as wood, canvas, aluminium or glass. Choose the material that best suits you and your interior. Printing an antique map on glass, for example, can give it a fresh new look. Wood, on the other hand, enhances the vintage feeling of an old map. There are different kinds of vintage world maps. One of the maps in our range is ‘A Chart of Magnetic Curves of Equal Variation’, which was designed in 1844. It shows the Earth’s magnetic fields, and brings a real piece of history into your home. We also stock vintage maps that look exactly as if they have been printed on parchment. Another variant is the cross-section of the world, where the world is presented in two round shapes. This map allows you to see clearly where each continent is located.

Historical world map

A vintage world map is a beautiful addition to any interior. Whether your home is modern or more rustic in style, a timeless old world map will never look out of place. We have a wide range of designs, so you will always be able to find a world map that appeals to you. All our world maps are different in appearance, due to the various colour combinations. If you like a particular world map, but are not completely satisfied with the colours, you can even convert it to black-and-white or sepia for a more vintage look. Our vintage world maps can, therefore, be adapted entirely to your taste.

Vintage world map

An antique world map can give your interior that little bit of extra atmosphere, providing the finishing touch to your living room, bedroom or office.There are good reasons why antique world maps are a big trend in interior design. You often see them on the walls in lifestyle magazines, lifestyle TV shows, and interior design blogs, so make sure your walls keep up. Price is no barrier either, since an antique world map from starts at just €9.95. What are you waiting for?

Retro world map

If you’re a big fan of the retro look, you'll love our historical world maps. All the world maps on this page have a retro/vintage look, and will perfectly match your retro interior. Our world maps are obviously reproductions, but our high print quality means that you can scarcely tell the difference. So, if you're looking for an impressive wall decoration to fill that empty space, look no further! Check out our historical world maps.

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Irrespective of the type of map and material you choose, your antique world map will remain a permanent highlight in your home. A vintage world map also makes a great gift. Our historical wall maps are available with various accessories. Your vintage world map is beautifully completed with a nice canvas floater frame, and you can also choose from various hanging systems. Use flag pins to mark which countries you've been to, and which countries are still on your travel wish-list. At, we only use the best materials, so you can be sure of a high quality product if you order a historical world map from us. There is also a range of designs and styles.

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