Detailed world maps

A detailed world map, which looks like the kind of map found in an atlas, is the perfect addition to your home. All the different countries are accurately shown on a detailed world map. This makes them perfect for use with our map flag pins to show which countries you've already visited. Choose your favourite detailed world map design below, and we’ll print it for you on one of our five available materials. Order now, and your map will be printed and dispatched within 5 working days!

Our detailed world maps:

Detailed world maps

What we at call 'detailed world maps' are actually the world maps you probably know from your atlas. A detailed world map clearly shows all the continents, country borders and most large cities.

You can order detailed or normal world maps on canvas, wood, glass or aluminium. Various different sizes are available. Keep an eye on our website, as we'll be introducing a whole range of new materials soon. Every world map can be ordered in small, medium or large format, so we have a map for every wall and every budget

If you want to mark the countries or cities you’ve visited, and which ones are still on your travel wish-list, order our map flag pins when buying your world map. These map flag pins are available in various colours, and allow you to indicate precisely where you've been, where you'd like to visit in the future, or which country your business has set its sights on to conquer next!