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Countries and letters

World map with countries and letters

We have listed our world maps with countries and letters for you. This way you can choose your favorite map easily and order your very own world map with letters or country names. All world maps listed below can be printed on canvas, wood, poster, plexiglas and aluminum. Select your favorite, choose from the materials and sizes and quickly order your world map with country names!

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Our world maps with coutnries and letters:

World maps with letters and country names

World maps are in. You see them all the time in interior design blogs and lifestyle magazines, as well as on the walls of many a family home. Don't be left behind! At we offer various designs and styles, so there's bound to be one among them that takes your fancy. One of our designs is a world map made up of letters, which, as the name suggests, uses the names of the countries to define their contours. It all gives that little extra allure. The letters give the world map a playful feel, especially if you go for a world map with coloured letters or letters of varying sizes. A world map with country names also helps you improve your topography. A double whammy!

Order a world map composed of letters or text

Our world maps composed of letters and text can be printed on any of our materials, namely wood, canvas, aluminium, Plexiglas or poster paper. You are also completely free to choose any size you want. We supply a wide selection of sizes, from 20 x 30 cm to 200 x 100 cm. We've got a map to fit every wall! After you've chosen your favourite world map with countries defined by text and selected the material and size, you can place your order. Ordering is simple! When you order, you can also buy any accessories you want. For example, you can add a floater frame in your order (which goes really nicely with a text world map on canvas), a hanging system, or map flag pins. We really recommend these last accessories in combination with world maps with letters and country names printed on wood or canvas. Map flag pins mean you can mark the countries you've already visited, as well as those on your bucket list. You can even use them to plot out a future road trip. Great fun!

World map with text

Our world maps with text are a selection of our most popular world maps that feature popular travel-themed quotes, like ''Wanderlust'' or ''Let's explore the world''. Would you like a map with your own custom text? Then please contact us! Our graphic designer will be happy to arrange something!

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