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Capital Cities

World map with capital cities and countries

Our range of world maps with capital cities is shown below. A world map with capital cities is great fun as a wall decoration for your living room, bedroom, kid’s bedroom or study. If you have a gap in the wall that needs filling, preferably with something unique and beautiful, a world map with capital cities could be just what you need. Choose your favourite below, select the material and size you want, then simply order!

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Our world maps with capital cities and countries:

World map with capital cities on the wall

Wouldn't it be nice to have some time to yourself every day, where you could daydream about all the wonderful trips you've made, and all the sunny adventures to come? A world map with capital cities on your wall will definitely inspire you and brighten your day, and can also lead to great conversations with friends, family and colleagues. Make your friends green with your future travel plans, and fun tales about all the countries you've visited. At, ordering your favourite world map design is easy. We have over 50 different world maps in our range, including world maps with capital cities.In these maps, countries are labelled with their capital cities, so such a map is not only decorative, it is also really educational. Just a few minutes of looking at your world map each day will go a long way to improving your geography. A world map with capital cities is not only great for you, kids will love it on their bedroom walls too!After all, it's never too early to start teaching them about the world they live in!

World map with capital cities from

Ordering a world map with capital cities is very straight-forward, and only takes a few minutes. It works like this:

  1. Pick your favourite world map with capital cities from the range above
  2. Select the material you want (canvas, wood, aluminium, Plexiglas or poster paper)
  3. Add any extras you want, such as a hanging system, floater frame or map pins
  4. Add your design to the shopping basket, enter your payment details, and confirm the order

When we receive your order, we'll print and dispatch your world map within 5 working days.

Order today and soon you'll be enjoying your beautiful new world map!

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