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World maps black and white

Black and white world maps are another of the many products available from These world maps are incredibly popular, and have become an interior-design must-have. Our black-and-white world maps are available in many different sizes and materials, so wait no longer! Order your favourite black-and-white world map today, and you'll be hanging it on your wall within the next 7 days!

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Our world maps black and white:

A unique black-and-white world map you'll love!

World maps are currently a real must-have for your interior. You see them everywhere; in interior design blogs, lifestyle magazines and people's homes. Not surprising, because a world map is a fantastic way of decorating a wall, especially for those who love travelling...and who doesn't? A world map from shows all the countries of the world as you would find them in an atlas. We supply various different maps, including black-and-white world maps. As the name suggests, these world maps are printed in black and white, just like a black-and-white photo, giving them a unique, sleek appearance. The neutrality of a black-and-white world map poster means it suits every interior. You can customise your black-and-white world map entirely to your own needs and tastes. For example, you can choose which size would fit your wall best, and on which material you want it printed. We supply maps on 5 different materials: wood, canvas, aluminium, Plexiglas and poster paper. The choice is yours! Since everyone picks a different combination, you can be sure that your world map is unique and perfectly matches you and your interior.

Black-and-white world map poster

A black-and-white world map looks fantastic on every material, but is particularly good as a poster. A black-and-white world map poster may sound simple, but when it’s hanging on your wall it becomes a real eye-catcher! Your black-and-white world map poster can be mounted in a beautiful black or white frame, or simply pinned to the wall. The combination of this world map's neutral colours and the basic poster paper material gives this world map poster a fantastic cleanlook that suits every style of home. Combining a black-and-white world map poster with our map flag pins is also a fun and cool way of showing which countries you've already visited, and which countries still await you.

Order a black-and-white world map

All our black-and-white world maps are shown below. Pick your favourite, and then choose from the different materials and sizes available. You can also order a hanging system, so you can mount your black-and-white world map quickly and easily when it arrives. Some accessories can also be ordered with certain materials, such as a floater frame or map flag pins. Our fun map flag pins show exactly which countries are on your bucket list, or the countries you've already visited. These accessories will ensure your black-and-white map is complete and ready to enjoy from the start!

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