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Our range consists of world maps in all manner of themes. We have themes to fit every interior. Detailed world maps with accurate geography, historical maps with a vintage look, trendy world maps with unique prints, or beautiful maps for children's bedrooms with animals, people or vehicles. There's certainly no lack of choice!

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A theme for every interior

If you're buying a new decoration for your wall, you obviously want it to match your existing interior well. These days, world maps are a highly sought-after interior design feature. They are available in all kinds of designs and sizes. The first category in our range is the ‘Child's bedroom world maps’, which contains world maps for children of all ages. These maps are full of fun images of animals, people and vehicles. They're also educational, as they are a way for children to learn about different countries and continents in an informal way. Our range also contains trendy world maps, where the emphasis is more on the aesthetic qualities of the design rather than geography. These maps are made up of dots, lines or animal prints, while some of them look like paintings. Our range also contains historical world maps, with a more vintage look. If you're looking for an accurate world map, then one from our ‘detailed world map' category might suit you. These are the kinds of maps you would usually find in an atlas. Children that love animals will adore our animal-themed maps. If you’re not a fan of colourful designs, check out our black-and-white world maps. The last category on is maps with letters, where all the countries of the world are composed of letters. So, the possibilities are virtually unlimited, and we have something for everyone!

Ordering a themed world map

Once you've decided on the map you want, ordering it is simple. Click on your favourite world map design, then select the material and size you want. Once your order is placed, your world map will be printed and dispatched within 5 working days.

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